IMAM Advent Calendar : Day 5


Day 5 of the IMAM calendar, and I’m not too sure what it is. Square base, but definitely comes up a bit.


A HELLO WAFFLE SHADOW. You guys know my slight obsession with Hello Waffle – I want everything the minute it comes out and eventually everything winds up in my possession.

Ho Ho Hodor is the shade that we got. It’s not a part of any of the lines I know, so I’m assuming it’s exclusive to this! It’s just the kind of shade that I would wear all the time – purple, with a slight bit of brown, and a definite silvery-blue shift. While I’d like to assume this is Game of Thrones related, I think I’m wrong because there’s no way I’d peg this color for Hodor. Also, Hodor only says Hodor. This is a halfling size, but that’s more than enough since I don’t know anyone who has ever used an entire indie shadow before.

You can find Hello Waffle on her website here. Christine is closed until January, but you can still look at some of the products.

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IMAM Advent Calendar: Day 4


Day 4 of the calendar, and this one feels a little more like a jar or clamshell. Hmmmm…


Oh hey! Beauty Bar Baby! I’ve gotten a lip gloss or two in the past due to indie subscriptions, and I’ve been impressed with the quality. This is the classic Christmas red – Stiletto.

It’s just a little warmer than I would have expected, but it smooths out pretty evenly. I think this would look really fantastic and bring an extra dimension to a blue-based red lipstick.

You can find Beauty Bar Baby on her Etsy shop here.

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IMAM Advent Calendar : Day 3


Day 3 of the advent calendar, and it’s a flat rectangular envelope again. Which only means…. another eye shadow!

Today’s shadow sample is from Blackbird Cosmetics, which I have Maleah’s entire shadow collection until she comes out with new ones. I wound up swatching the one I have and I’ll wind up putting this on the monthly exchange or giving it as a gift to a budding indie lover.

Gravity is a taupe-based plummy purple. The official description is a dark, muted, complex plum. I love the amount of gray in this shadow, and I love this as a crease shade. Seriously, Blackbirds mattes are my favorite for toning down a sparkly look. I don’t know how many times I’ve recommended them, and I’m really disappointed in myself that I haven’t gotten them up on my blog quite yet.

You can find Blackbird Cosmetics on Etsy here.


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An Analysis of Wantable Makeup – A 12 month subscription

I have officially unsubscribed from Wantable. I wound up getting 12 boxes over 13 months, and I decided to keep track of everything I ordered to make some (not) fancy charts about them.

The basis of Wantable’s Makeup subscription is that you get between 4 and 5 full sized products for $36 a month if you have a recurring subscription. This jumps to $40 if you only want to get the box one time. My preferences basically said not to send me nail polish, bronzer, or complexion products (foundation/concealer).

Product CountAt the beginning of my subscription, I was seeing the number of products oscillate between 4 and 5 products, with a random outlier of 7. After I skipped July, my boxes wound up having a higher value (greater than $95) with fewer products. Before then, I had box values as low as $60.99 and as high as $136.57. I’m actually okay with fewer products and a higher box value because I think it also corresponded with a higher personal value.

Box Value, Personal Value

From August on, I was above the $36 cost of the box. I didn’t have personal values that were super close to the box value, but at least it wasn’t like April when I hated every single thing I got.

I complained a lot about seeing repeat brands and getting a little bored of them. Looking at the brands, and how often they showed up, I think it was only really valid for Vincent Longo.


Towards the end of my subscription, I was starting to get quite a few from Surratt (two in November, one in December) and Tarina Tarantino (one a month for the last three months), so I’m pretty sure those two brands would have their number to continue to climb.

I got a total of 55 products over the course of 12 boxes. Of those 55 products, I liked a total of 25 of them.

Type - Personal Value

Seeing the count of the products I actually liked and had a personal value to me, I’m not surprised to see blush and mascara on that list. I was getting a little tired of seeing them, though not enough to cancel my subscription earlier.

Overall, do I think Wantable is a good subscription? I think that if they keep getting new brands (and high end ones, like Surratt), and send those out, then they’re a great discovery box for people who either don’t want to purchase those high end brands at full price or are just getting into more expensive (mid range) makeup. While there were disappointing boxes to me, it’s more in the fact that I hadn’t updated my preferences quiz in a while and the fact that I have a makeup stash much larger than the average makeup user. I don’t think it’s a subscription that people should keep for longer than 6 months though either, because at some point you wind up having so many things that you’re just not using. I mean, just from the things I marked as Personal Value : Yes, I have four blushes. The mascara will be used since I replace them every three months, and the pen liners got used because they wound up drying out. Lipsticks and blushes take ages to use though.

Do any of you subscribe to Wantable? How long have you been subscribing? Do you think it’s still as exciting or worth it as when you started?

If you’re interested in learning more about Wantable, you can find out more on their website here.

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IMAM Advent Calendar : Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Indiemakeupandmore Advent Calendar! I was in an excited rush as I opened the packages, and before I knew it the wrapping for this one was off before I could photograph it. If you missed Day 1 (and the intro), you can find it here.


Today’s Advent offering is a Darling Clandestine permume sample of Tyto. Tyto was a Shark Friday offering that I looked at, and decided not to get because I wasn’t having a good time with my Haus of Gloi samples. The official description of Tyto is:

Bright tart pomegranate, blinks of green undergrowth and a tangled suite of woods, including a divinely excellent oud from Sumbawa, courtesy of an Indonesian friend. 

The Indonesian friend that the description is talking about is none other than Reddit user eraser_dust, who is behind the beautiful blog Working With Monolids. And now for my best attempt at describing what this smells like.

I’m not a fan of Tyto. I reach much for for citrus-y and floral scents rather than fruity green scents. I also have no idea what oud is supposed to smell like – according to the Internet, it’s supposed to be super balanced and used in incense. When I smelled it, I got something a little tart, but mostly a weird grassy green spice. This was basically my experience when I put it on in the morning, and after about ten minutes, the initial scent wore off. I’m left with a very faint scent of the tart pomegranate, but I’m sure by the time I was my hands it’ll be completely gone.

You can find Darling Clandestine on her Etsy shop here.


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The IMAM Advent Calendar: Intro & Day 1

Recently, during a thread on the Reddit subreddit Indiemakeupandmore, someone threw out the idea of an indie advent calendar. A few hours later, it was happening. There was a limited number of calendars due to a short turn around time, and I was lucky enough to grab a calendar. I decided not to wait and open them daily because I wanted to photograph everything and have them post on time. I can’t imagine the stress that would happen if I tried to photograph and swatch things every day after work, especially with the fact that the lighting might be terrible.

IMG_3839EDena, the owner of AFK Cosmetics, is the wonderful person who took on the daunting task of organizing everything, wrapping them, and shipping them out.

IMG_3840EDay 1 is a small rectangular product – which obviously means an eyeshadow sample!

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics – Tossed Leaves

OH MY GOD THIS IS A GORGEOUS BROWN. It’s a coppery medium brown, which I can already see myself using in the outer corner and crease, depending on my mood. For some reason, while Dawn Eyes has always been on my radar because a particular someone on Reddit is always praising them and even has a custom shadow named after her dog, but for some reason I’ve never actually pulled the trigger on buying some shadows. I’m definitely going to plan a purchase in the new year. The swatch above is just over Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, which means it’s entirely possible that this will have more of a coppery shift when layered over a glitter adhesive.

I’m already planning on buying this in a full size because it’s so cheap! $3 for a full sized jar (1.5 grams or so) is so inexpensive.

You can find Dawn Eyes Cosmetics on her website here.



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Akira Lacquer – Sugarplum and Dirty Snow

Right before Black Friday hit, Nichole from Pretty Girl Science was posting some gorgeous pictures of a polish I’d never seen or heard of on her Instagram. I needed to know where I could get it, and all of a sudden, it was in my cart.


I picked up two from the holiday collection – that gorgeous purple, Sugarplum, as well as Dirty Snow since I have a slight obsession with gray polishes.

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Wantable Makeup: December 2014

Welcome to my last month of Wantable! I’ve decided that after a year’s worth of boxes, I’m over run with products that I’m not using from this subscription, so it’s better that I just stop. When I go through and evaluate whether or not to keep a subscription, I look to see if I’ve used the products, if they have personal value to me, and whether or not that personal value is worth keeping the subscription. I’ll be honest – the Wantable makeup subscription was above the price of the box for every month that I subscribed except April in terms of personal value, but I’m just not really using the products. Anyways. Onto the subscription.


A quick review on how Wantable works: For $36 a month, you get between 4 and 5 full sized products based on a pretty extensive preferences quiz that details out every single thing. This month, I got four products.

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Ten Three Labs: Smudge Sticks in All Vamp Everything, Grape Kool-Aid, and Princess

Ten Three Labs is a newer indie company that just opened at the beginning of October. I’ve seen a few things around, and since I’m a lip product addict, I decided to pick up a few of the Smudge Sticks, which are Ten Three Labs’ version of a tinted balm/lipstick.


I grabbed All Vamp Everything, Vylette (which has since been renamed Grape Kool-Aid), and Princess.

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Shiro Cosmetics : I Am Groot, Sweater Weather, Turkey Coma

Welcome to the second installment of my Shiro Color of the Month posts!


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