Rouge Bunny Rouge : Original Skin Blush in Delicata

I’ve been on the hunt for more natural looking blushes, especially with fall coming just around the corner and my love for dark berry and purple lips require a more natural flush look in order to bring some warmth to my face to an otherwise dark look. So, when I was placing my order for the Rouge Bunny Rouge Chronos palette (review), I decided to throw in a blush as well. And since I’ve been looking for a nude blush, Delicata was absolutely the perfect choice.


When it came and I opened it, I was thrilled to see it that it was exactly the shade I was expecting. It doesn’t match the photos on the website, but it does match the description.

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Tom Ford : Lip Color in Indian Rose

I found my perfect lipstick. If I could stop wearing any other lipsticks, I would wear this one. The only problem is that it’s from one of the more luxe brands out there – Tom Ford.


My first Tom Ford purchase was two things – an eye shadow quad in Orchid Haze and this lipstick : Indian Rose. I’ve used Indian Rose a few times, and I have to say that it’s the most comfortable and moisturizing lipstick I’ve ever come across.

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Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadows in 07 Shine, 25 Shine, 327 Matte, 329 Matte, and 355 Matte

Inglot seriously needs to open a store in Texas. As much as I love buying stuff online, it’s much harder to buy from a brand like Inglot. The hundreds of choices is just overwhelming, and I don’t want to frivolously be adding shadows into my cart without thinking. I need to be in a store, swatching and contemplating whether or not the shadow works for me. When I was in Vegas, I decided to finally make an Inglot purchase. 10-pan palette, but two of the shades I wanted were out. Well, fine, I made a note of them and left with 8 shadows.


Today’s post is about the top row of my palette – the neutral browns.

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Dolly’s Polish – Autumn 2014 Release

A few weeks ago, Ajevie from Dolly’s Polish posted a Reddit thread in my favorite indie makeup subreddit asking for bloggers/swatchers for her upcoming fall polish release. She decided to take the first five people who responded, and I was one of the lucky few! I’ve only tried Fandom Cosmetics when it comes to indie polish, and even though Femme Fatale’s polishes are on my radar, it’s harder to get them because shipping polish overseas is pretty much a no go. I was super excited to get these polishes to test out.

Sugar Skulls – This is a sugar candy white with hexagon shaped pastel glitter. It’s not quite matte, and the base reminds me of those sugar candy dipping sticks that you’d get with Fun Dip. The glitter is all different colors: I noticed lavender, baby blue, spring green, red, and yellow hexagons. It took two coats for opacity, but I think that if you do that it winds up getting a little murky. I would recommend a white base, with this layered on top. With chunky glitter, you would assume that it would be a major pain to get off, but surprisingly everything removed really easily.

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Testing Everything #1 : Femme Fatale Moonrest, Cake, Time Lost, Wizards Only Fools, Divinity, Royal Tarts, The Art of Peacocking, and Ultimate Wizards

So I’ve run into the problem of having too many indies that I’m not using. I’m ordering because they’re gorgeous, and I wind up not using them. I recently pressed all of my Femme Fatale, Notoriously Morbid, the majority of my My Pretty Zombie, and a few other companies. Since they’re all pressed and in palettes, I’m working through each brand to use every single shadow I own. I have 107 shadow samples I’m working through from Femme Fatale, and the first 8 are showing up today! All posts labeled as Testing Everything will have a set of shadows – trios or quads – that I used together.

First up, a neutral brown look!

IMG_1735EFrom top left clockwise: Moonrest, Cake, Wizards Only, Fools, and Time Lost.

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Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Monthly Subscription : September 2014

IT’S HERE!!!!! My Innocent+Twisted Alchemy monthly subscription has gotten into my mailbox and after seeing spoilers all over Reddit and from other wonderful bloggers, I am beyond excited. As a reminder of how the I+TA subscription works, you have two sizes. I subscribe to the sample size since I have more indies than I could ever want, which costs $12. You get 3 to 4 new Innocent+Twisted Alchemy shadows packed full in a clamshell, as well as a small assortment of various products from other indie shops floating around the world (as far as I recall, they’ve all been based in the US).


This month’s theme is the Woodlands, which is really perfect for the start of fall. Since it’s September, and Labor Day has passed, it’s fall, right? RIGHT? It is. Pretty much every item included reminded me of fall, including the perfume balm. I also got to try out some brands I’ve randomly seen but never tried.

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Bite Beauty : Matte Creme Lip Crayons in Sucre, Peche, Framboise, Tatin, and Fraise

Apparently Jules over at The Brauhaus and I are on the same page as to what we’re reviewing today. Bite had a limited edition run with a set of Matte Cream Lip Crayons a few months ago, which I swatched and reviewed here. After they disappeared, and after the release of the beautiful Deconstructed Rose lipsticks, they’ve come out with another collection of matte crayons.


From what I can tell, these are permanent. There were two rounds to this release; I think Bite decided to release the more commercially friendly shades first, and then shades that are more brown based in the second release. In the second release, the only one I think is interesting is Aubergine, but that’ll come in a later post.

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Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet – August 2014 – Writer of Dreams

Like my Innocent+Twisted Alchemy sub, I get super excited for this subscription each month. Last month I stalked the Notoriously Morbid’s Facebook in order to knkow when to sign up. For this month, Carrie and Laura decided to make it a recurring subscription and I woke up at a weird hour in order to sign up.


However, getting this month’s Vanishing Cabinet was a mess. It’s not because of the Notoriously Morbid team, but rather, the terrors of USPS. It was wonderful working with Carrie to get it resolved, since my post office was lacking in the communication aspect of the issues, and she sent out a replacement after giving it an appropriate amount of time to potentially show up. This month’s theme was Writer of Dreams – a Vanishing Cabinet inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman.

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Swatch Post: Various Detrivore Limited Edition Shadows

I’ve been staring at the Detrivore page for a long time – well, ever since I went sample crazy during the Shiro anniversary sale – and peeking at the Limited Edition shades is always never a good thing. Since I ran out of things to purchase from Shiro, when a new Color of the Month is released I add a few things from Detrivore into my cart in order to make the purchase worth it.

IMG_0630 IMG_0634

After about two months, I’ve gotten six out of the seven limited edition Detrivore shades. Fungus, while pretty, isn’t a shade I’d use so it’s been left behind.

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Rouge Bunny Rouge : Chronos Eye Shadow Palette

I’ve been looking at Rouge Bunny Rouge for a few months now, adding things to my cart and then taking them out. Two weeks ago, the company announced the release of their limited edition eye shadow palette, Chronos. It’s a completely metallic palette that’s beautiful, and when it released the following week I added a few other things with it and made my first Rouge Bunny Rouge order.

First off, do you see that pressing of the shadow pans? The hummingbirds are so cute! While that’s not a reason to buy a palette, since they’ll be gone within a few uses if you’re not intentionally careful, it does increase the appeal a bit for me.

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