Empties #15: February 2015

I’m getting happier with the number of things I’ve finished off this month. I’ve been focusing on getting rid of things that have been stashed away (shampoos without the matching conditioner, for example!) and trying to focus on some samples.


This month seems to have been all about skincare – I don’t think I’ve ever had this many skincare things to talk about and I totally blame it on my sheet mask hauls. As always, any products that were sent to me for review are marked with an asterisk.

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Beauty Beyond Borders (3B) – February 2015

Besides my indie subscriptions, this is probably the other subscription that I’m most excited for each month. I really enjoy getting the email saying that they’ve shipped out my box, and even though I’m not a fan of the box it comes in, I pretty much immediately open it to see what’s in store. I’m sorry all of my subscription reviews are coming so late (I’m a month behind, it’s a little shameful). The weather didn’t lean to giving me much opportunity for swatching products and I was just feeling a bit of February blues with regards to my blog and I (think) I’m back! Anyways, onto the 3B I got last month.


I think this month was all about cleansing – or maybe I’m just distracted by the fact that there were two makeup removing cleansers included. As a reminder of how this works, for $12 a month, you get a mix of deluxe sized samples and full sizes of Asian beauty products. It includes makeup, skincare, and random bath and body products.


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Memebox has been working with some pretty awesome people to build up their XO Memebox line, and their latest collaboration comes in the form of Youtuber Stephanie Villa, also known as Soothing Sista.

IMG_5243EShe created a rosy-brown based eyeshadow quad with shadows named after her favorite places in San Francisco, where Memebox’s US headquarters is located.



When I first saw the advertisements for the quad I was a little skeptical since I’m not a huge fan of the Pony x Memebox mattes (they’re not TRULY a matte as they have quite a bit of shimmer in them) and didn’t preorder it. Then, when Lauren offered to send it for review, I decided to give the mattes a second chance.

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Use It Or Lose It #2: February 2015

I’m continuing to try to work through my samples that tend to pile up thanks to inspiration from Rebecca from Hello Pretty Bird. As a reminder of what I’m doing, I’m picking five samples that I’ve gotten from various subscriptions or orders, and trying to work through them throughout the month. If I don’t reach for it or if I don’t like it, it gets tossed without second guessing and I move on to the next month.


These are the five products I picked out this month:

  1. It’s Skin Neck Patch
  2. Laneige Sleeping Pack
  3. Royal Tea Apothecary Mask
  4. Burberry Luminous Fluid Base
  5. Alterna Caviar Anti Aging Dry Shampoo

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Memebox Special #50 : Step By Step Skincare

I finally ran out of a few of the products I received from another Memebox, so I was really excited to see this Memebox Special #50: Step By Step Skincare land on my front door. I needed a new toner, and a new essence, and a new night cream, so the fact that all of these are taken care of in this box made me really happy.


The Step-By-Step Skincare box is supposed to be a good introduction for people who haven’t started using Korean skincare, and haven’t done a lot of research into how to layer the different products.  Continue reading

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Femme Fatale: The Wayward Prince

I hardly ever do single shadow reviews because I think that focusing on one product is a little silly. However, I’m always blown away by Femme Fatale’s shadows, and since this one is a Color of the Month, I figure the sooner I can review it the better. Femme Fatale’s The Wayward Prince is officially one of my favorite shadows that I’ve discovered in 2015.

The official color description of The Wayward Prince is  a mauve-rose base with strong bronze-gold overlay.

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Empties #14: January 2015

Another month has passed, which means it’s time for an empties post! Now, since I’ve started Project 10 Pan and Use It or Lose It, there might be a little overlap on products. I’m not including things that I’m throwing away because they didn’t make it past the UIOLI. I am including things I finished because of both the projects.


This month, I’m pretty disappointed with the number of products I finished. I think I focused on finishing off some of the full sized products that I was working on, which caused my number to be lower than what I expected. As always, products that were sent to me for review are marked with an asterisk (*). First up, bath and body products!


Bath & Body

Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom Shower Gel
Since I got into indie whipped soaps, I’ve been neglecting my stash of Bath & Body Works products. This was my very last Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, so I’m now officially in the realm of indie bath products. I’m a little sad to be finished with my stash, but it makes me feel awesome that I can officially say I have no shower gel stash built up.
Price: $11
Repurchase? It got discontinued, so no.

Sachajuan Body Lotion in Shiny Citrus
This came in a PopSugar Must Have box a really long time ago, and it’s been sitting on my bedside table with about five other lotions trying to be used up. I finally finished it, and I actually really liked it. My skin isn’t particularly dry (except for a few dry patches) so this paired really well for my skin. It’s a lightweight lotion which gets kind of sticky until it completely absorbs.
Price: $24 for 300 mL
Repurchase? I would repurchase this with Birchbox points or with a significant discount, but probably not at full price.

Savor Plumeria Whipped Soap
I’m quickly running out of my body washes, so I made a Savor order of actual real sized products. I love Plumeria, and it’s definitely the kind of floral that I consistently reach for. Something interesting – since I got my full sized Savor products, I noticed a major difference in the texture of the soap. The smaller sample sizes were definitely a lot firmer and not as whipped as I would expect. However, the full sized products are soft and awesome – I got Angel Food Cake and the texture is similar to the egg white whip that you need to get the fluffy texture of the super yummy cake.
Value: $4
Repurchase? Definitely!

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Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet : January 2015 – Truly Outrageous!

I’m late, I know. But they’re just about to open up slots for the Vanishing Cabinet on Friday, so I figured that I should at least get this review in before then. This month’s theme was based on the animated series from the 80s Jem and the Holograms, which I know absolutely nothing about. However, this VC had a ton of bright colors and they were all really pretty.


As a reminder for how the Vanishing Cabinet works, for $12.90 each month, you get an assortment of Notoriously Morbid products, and sometimes an extra from other brand is also included. This month we got five mini shadows and a lip gloss, along with a sneak peek for next month’s Vanishing Cabinet.

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Project 10 Pan – January 2015 Update

Finally, an update! I’ve been working on my project pan items all month, most significantly the Dior Diorskin Nude and the NARS Loose Light Reflecting Translucent Powder.


I’m glad I picked out items that I use regularly, especially because I tend to forget that I need to be using them (looking at you lip products). I absolutely adore bold lips, so it’s a little disappointing that I chose a bunch of neutral products. Anyways, onto the progress pictures!

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Innocent+Twisted Alchemy Monthly Subscription – January 2015

IT’S BACK! I+TA’S MONTHLY SUB IS BACK! After being on hiatus for the holiday season, Linda has finally brought back one of the first monthly indie subscriptions I signed up for. She brought it back and it’s fantastic.


As a reminder of how the Innocent+Twisted Alchemy subscription works, it’s a two tiered subscription. You can either get a full sized products subscription or a deluxe sized sample subscription. I’m subscribed to the deluxe sizes because I’ll never use a full sized eye shadow in my life (except for maybe Notoriously Morbid’s Nudist, or a few of the mattes that Hello Waffle just put out).


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