Little Sparrow Cosmetics : Constants & Variables Collection

Little Sparrow Cosmetics is an indie brand that gets a lot of attention for the blushes and the lip jellies. There’s still one other thing in the store – eyeshadows!

IMG_7121There’s only one eyeshadow collection at the moment (which is good for me, otherwise I’d have even more Little Sparrow things to buy), which is the Constants and Variables collection. This collection is inspired by BioShock Infinite. I know my college roommate would always be playing BioShock 2, which had really fantastic music, and BioShock Infinite was the third iteration of the series. Looking at some of the screenshots,  I can definitely see where some of the colors came from.

Baptism: This is a matte black base with silver glitter. It would do well as a liner or to smoke out a look.

Between Realities: This is a warm orange with yellow shimmer. It’s not dark enough to be a burnt orange, but it’s definitely darker than your typical tangerine shade.

Cage: Cage is red with an orange base and silver sparkles. Without a glitter adhesive, you only really get the orange base. Adding the adhesive will allow the silver to stand out and intensify the red.

Chapel of the Prophet: Chapel of the Prophet is a metallic gold. There was a very slight green tinge to it when I blended it with False Prophet, but no green tinge when used alone.

Colombian Sky: This is a matte sky blue. This is the only one that applies a little patchy, but it might be because of it’s matte finish. While a sticky base isn’t completely necessary for this one, it’s definitely helpful  to intensify the color.

Dance on the Pier: This is a nice pale pink. I think it looks fantastic with a light brown in the outer corner and crease. There’s some subtle red sparkles in it, but nothing over the top. This is one that requires some sort of glitter adhesive to show up, but once it does it’s really pretty.

False Prophet: This is a woody mostly matte brown. There’s some silver sparkles in it, but they don’t really show up even when using a glitter adhesive. I actually prefer it that way. It applies a little darker than I expected on the eyes, and I would definitely prefer to use it as an eyeliner over a shadow.

Miracle Child: This is a navy blue with silver sheen. I’m pretty sure I have a Julep nail polish in this color, and I absolutely love it. I can see this color having so many different applications: to smoke out a look, to use as a liner, even add it to a clear polish to make a nail polish in this color.

Tin Men: This is a milky sea foam green with silver and green sparkles. It’s an absolutely gorgeous color, and if you use colors similar to this I would definitely recommend it.

To Repay a Debt: This is a bright green with silver. When I swatched To Repay A Debt, I immediately thought of Shiro’s Maiden Queen. So here’s the swatch of them side by side:

Top: Little Sparrow's To Repay A Debt, Bottom: Shiro's I Loved A Maid

Top: Little Sparrow’s To Repay A Debt, Bottom: Shiro’s Maiden Queen

As you can see, Maiden Queen has gold whereas To Repay a Debt has silver, but they have the same underlying base. Not quite a dupe, but definitely similar.

Overall, I think that this collection has some definite hits, but also some misses. Baptism, Colombian Sky, and False Prophet are a little patchy, and I would probably skip To Repay A Debt for something else I have in my collection since it’s easy to find a color similar in many different collections. There’s another one that’s similar in the Darling Girl Darling Chicks collection. Ones I absolutely love are Dancing on the Pier and Miracle Child.

Here are a couple looks I’ve done with this collection:

The pricing is as follows:

Full size: $5 for 2 grams of product
Minis: $2.75 for 1 gram of product
Samples: $1 for 1/4 of a teaspoon of product

If you buy full collections, for the full size and samples, you’ll essentially get one shadow free. The pricing for the minis is a little weird, as you’ll only get $2.50 off your purchase. I’m pretty sure it’s because Jessica (the owner) wanted to keep the prices ending in .00, otherwise the full collection of the minis would be $24.75.

You can find this collection on Little Sparrow’s Etsy’s page here. The shop is currently closed, but it will reopen on June 15.

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